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The All Inclusive Mentorship

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Includes lifetime access to the Trading Mastery Course ($800 value)

Save $800 by selecting the All Inclusive Mentorship

The All Inclusive Mentorship:

(Highly Recommended)

Includes Everything in Mentorship 1 & Mentorship 2. In order to fully understand the markets and give yourself the best chance to succeed, it is highly recommended you take both together.

The All Inclusive Mentorship will be given either back-to-back, or separated into two separate Saturdays, depending on your preferred learning style.

The all inclusive Mentorship includes:

Mentorship 1 - The Essentials:

  • Trading vs. Investing
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Day Trading vs. Swing Trading vs. Long Term Trading
  • The Forex Market
  • How the Forex Market Moves Compared to the Stock Market
  • Leverage in Forex
  • Fundamentals and Technicals in Forex
  • -The Stock Market
  • Penny Stocks, Regular Stocks, and Blue Chip Stocks: how to properly trade each
  • Indices and How to Use Them to Predict the Market
  • Long Positions vs. Short Positions
  • Margin
  • Trend and Trend Following
  • Counter Trend Trading
  • Futures and How to Use Them to Predict the Market
  • How Markets and Assets Move
  • Risk Management: stop losses
  • Risk Management: take profits
  • Trading Strategy
  • Beta
  • A few more topics that are highly related and important to the ones above will also be covered in Mentorship 1.


Mentorship 2 - Advanced:

  • Candlesticks
  • Indicators
  • Volume
  • Support
  • Resistance
  • Consolidation
  • Gambling vs. Trading: how percentages make all the difference
  • The Psychology of Trading: how trading with a proper mindset is the absolute most important part of trading
  • Emotions and Trading
  • Techniques to Trade With a Calm Mind
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The All Inclusive Mentorship

1 rating
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